books jun 16
Blimey it has been months since I wrote one of these and many books have been read, many books have been discarded and many books have been forgotten, so what are my most recent, that I can remember…
wonderful week
It has been a fairly quiet couple of weeks, just pottering around, playing with kids, avoiding housework, and have managed to get through 2 seasons of ER, have really fallen back in love with that show!
I feel like I am running on empty this week, it’s that last countdown until holiday – 12 days – and everything feels like a struggle, sleepy sleepy me, I must be a joy to be around. But these have kept me awake in the eves: First of all I think this would come in …
We are spending the last few weeks here before my little buds leave me for the summer, doing activities around Finding Nemo/Finding Dory theme and last week we made some Bloat Cookies. – For those who don’t know Bloat is the¬†pufferfish in the dentists fish tank.
It has been a quiet week here, too much crappy weather and no money, but there is always time to browse: