mallorca day 2
The first morning on holiday is full of smugness; I was for once smiling, opening curtains and windows, the air is fresh and clean, you can hear cockerels and donkeys, and knowing that I was far from home, not having to work, Good Morning Mallorca! – okay so it was a little chilly and overcast, …
nemo home
Time for an activity catch up, following the Finding Nemo/Finding Dory theme. We created a Nemo and Marlin home.
week 8 aug feat
Been a nice sunny week, doing a bit of this and that. Am bloomin loving the summer holidays and working, but not really working…
mallorca feature bl
Now time for some holiday memories, sorry, more for me then anyone else. We have been back almost 3 weeks and I had better write my little diary about it before I forget:
You should see the state of me; hair not brushed, wearing baggy tracksuit bottoms, a bright jumper covered by a very big woollen cardi, and I have puffy eyes and a red nose. You would think something terrible had happened, but actually it is just 24 hours of hideous hayfever and a poorly 3 year …