Over a week ago we were in Rome, seems like longer already, time to write it down before I forget.

We went with a couple of wonderful friends, we have done a few mini breaks with them now; they are easy going, like to eat and drink and can put up with us for several days in a row. Who better to go with!

And what a beautiful city, wherever you turn there are these amazing old buildings, the shops are excellent – if you have the money – and everywhere you turn there is somewhere to eat pizza, pasta and ice cream.

We got a couple of books out of the library on Rome and I think I managed to read the first paragraph of one of them and whenever we do a tour of a city we are visiting I pay absolutely no attention – that is what Biggy is there for – so I tend to be quite ignorant about what I am seeing, I just appreciate that it is all pretty and old and not in England. But this time we did a segway tour that only had Biggy, I and the Tour Guide on it, so I couldn’t fart-arse about without being noticed, time to pay attention. Saying that our guide, Meryl, was really good, she was friendly, funny and interesting so our 3 hour tour was a great way to see the city and learn a little something.

rome segway

And yes we are aware of how silly we look but we just don’t bloody care, Segways are so much fun!

rome segway

I of course knew about the Colosseum before we went – Gladiator is one of my favorite films… – and it is very impressive, the hard work and the imagination that went into creating something like this so many years ago, although its use of a venue for slaughtering many people and animals for entertainment is horrible, but that doesn’t stop so many of us visiting this grand structure.

rome colosseum

We didn’t get to see the Trevi Fountain or the Spanish Steps as they were both under construction which was a shame but it didn’t matter but everywhere you turned there were beautiful buildings to look at.

rome sights

We visited the Pantheon, which is the best preserved building of ancient Rome, well actually I only saw the outside as I got sent back out as I was eating an ice cream – for some reason they didn’t want me to dripping everywhere, oops.

rome sights

rome sights

rome sights

Unfortunately on the Saturday it rained and rained, on this very wet day we attempted to see the Vatican City, but after queueing with a million other people for a while we changed our minds, it was too wet and cold and we had more fun back at the hotel drinking wine and playing cards, there is nothing better then a small group of Brits sitting, drinking and shouting “Bullshit!” at each other.

rome rain

When we dared venture back outside in the torrential rain we visited the Capuchin Crypts. You first walk through a museum with lots of old pictures and bits and pieces about the Capuchin Monks, I read a bit at first, trying to look interested and intelligent, but I actually found it quite heavy and miserable and then you go through to these small rooms/crypts where hundreds of bones – from about 4000 Capuchin Monks – are displayed all over the walls and ceilings in different patterns, it is all very weird and a bit too morbid for me. But we were dry for a bit.

I should of course mention the food, we ate some amazing pizzas and pasta and had a couple of duds – we were unlucky enough to choose a restaurant one night with the unfriendliest Italian waiter and the food he served us showed his indifference – but all in all Italy most definitely has great food.

rome food

So where shall we go next??

Us in Rome