A few days ago I wrote a draft for this post about how fed-up and tired I was at the end of last year; how I was going to attempt to make big changes for this new year, how I would cope better, be a better person to be around, be better at my work, and bla bla, it was really moany and just a load of words, so screw that, who wants to read that drivel.

It is a New Year, the Christmas break was so lovely, quite peaceful;  Biggy was home for 10 days which Golden Boy loved, I loved, we went for walks, (even managed to drag Smalls out into the fresh air a couple of times), we lazed around, spent time together, my insomnia wasn’t a problem as there was no pressure about needing to get sleep to get through the next day, it was bloody wonderful!

We are a day and a half back into the real world and Biggy was home late last night and exhausted, my insomnia is back and ugh it won’t stop raining. Welcome 2016. But you won’t beat us, spring is round the corner…


new year cake