We have a new laptop, time to breathe some life into this blog.

First a little recap on the last few weeks:

I went on a First Aid course and practised on Golden Boy.

It always makes me smile to see Smalls and Golden Boy playing together.

We visited some wildlife.

Waiting to visit Father Christmas.

Putting up the decorations.

My festive children.

Took my elf to the library.

Golden Boy is really into his drawing at the moment. And the bigger the better.

Got to play a little game with the family.

A funny face came to visit.

Christmas Eve pyjamas.

Christmas Eve in a Premier Inn was very strange, but didn’t dampen Golden Boys Christmas spirit.

And he eventually fell asleep.

And then it was Christmas.

The children got so much stuff, I am sure Biggy was having an internal panic attack about where it was all going to go.

When Father Christmas fills your sack with the obligatory pants you must wear them all at once.

I do love a present. What could it be?

There is a lot of waiting around at Christmas. Waiting for the Father Christmas to come. Waiting for people to wake up. Waiting for guests to arrive. All leading to Waiting to open presents. And after all that you have to wait to open crackers…

For an adult Christmas is fun because you get to wear pyjamas all day and drink Prosecco.

And actually play games.

Every room in the house has new presents to be played with.

And then it is all over and New Years Eve arrives. And your wonderful host feeds you lots of food and drink.

And almost 24 hours later I am still recovering from all the bubbles, jelly shots, vodka jelly babies, apple sours and sambucas. Hello 2018…