Yesterday Smalls text me from school announcing she wanted to bake a cake, an oreo cake. I jumped at the chance for her to do this as anything that get Smalls away from lying on her bed staring at a screen is a great thing. So I told her to find the recipe she wants and give me a list of ingredients and as soon as all the children had gone home I would get her what she needed.

She chose a Chocolate Fudge Cake recipe and wanted to sandwich the cakes together with oreo cream scraped from the middle of biscuits. I told her there were so many recipes out there with oreos in but she was not changing her mind. So I got her the ingredients and between her and Golden Boy they trashed the kitchen and baked a cake.

The sponges for the fudge came out really well, I wish I had taken a photo, before we moved the first one and it broke into several pieces. oops.

And spreading the cream onto the cake was quite difficult, I warmed it up to make it runnier which helped a little, but it was still difficult. But Smalls persevered.

And here we go, she has her mothers gift when it comes to making cakes look pretty. But it did taste really good!

Hopefully next time she will use a different recipe. One of these would be good…