I always seem to be a little bit behind when publishing posts, I will probably be putting Christmas activities on here in January.

So last week on Bonfire Night we made some wonderfully messy bonfire pictures.

bonfire craft

I gave each of the children a large piece of card and a straw. I squirted on some dollops of red, orange and yellow paint and instructed them to use the straws and blow it all into one big messy splodge. Which of course they fully committed to and paint went everywhere. My highlight was one child getting a facefull of paint and dribble from the child sitting opposite. She was unimpressed.

bonfire craft

Earlier on I had painted some cardboard brown and cut it into strips – yes my life is that exciting. Once the children had finished with with paint they then stuck on the strips of cardboard.

And there we have some very pretty bonfires.

bonfire craft bonfire craft bonfire craft