About time for a little baking, and from my gigantic magazine cutout stash I attempted some Caramel Kisses.

First I had to make a biscuity base, fairly easy; butter, milk, biscuits, flour, sugar, coconut and golden syrup. Then I rolled the mixture into little balls and wedged them into cupcake trays. Then I fairly successfully made some caramel with condensed milk, butter and golden syrup and poured into the little biscuit bowls.

They didn’t look to caramely before they went in the oven but came out a nice golden brown.

Whilst waiting for them to cool down I mixed up some chocolate ganache; (whipping cream and dark chocolate). Then poured over the top over the caramel.

Then I put the trays in the fridge to set and what I managed to remove from the trays were some rather successful looking little biscuits/cakes.

To be honest I wasn’t the biggest fan of these, a bit sickly, but a winner with the children.

But they are chocolate and caramel so of course they would be.

I think they would be a nice little offering if visiting friends.

Just not on a long journey as they can become quite gooey quickly.


Cuddle Fairy