Sometimes the stuff that comes out of children’s mouths can be funny, strange, confusing, a little disturbing, entertaining, shocking, inspiring…

  • Now Golden Boy is chatting away with actual words that makes sense – or do they!? – we are getting some great little quotes. His favourite at the moment is Carrots and Rainbows; he says this to you intently as if you are supposed to understand what this secret message means – he doesn’t even like carrots, why would he, it is a vegetable, therefore something he will not even attempt to taste – and rainbows, well I tried to show him a beautiful one in the sky last week but he was looking everywhere but at it. So what does this carrots and rainbows mean? It is one of the last things he says before he goes to sleep, one of the first things he says in the morning and at times throughout the day he will look up at me seriously and say “Carrots and Rainbows!”.
  • At points during the day Golden Boy likes to be covered in many blankets “cozy” on the sofa and watch the telly, and if I try to get comfortable next to him he says “go washing up” hmmm that is not so endearing.
  • On the way to do a school collection yesterday, he was stomping along happily beside me when he started to say, quite aggressively, “nuts!” “nuts!” “nuts!”. After a while of me attempting to find out what he was talking about and some feeble attempts at distracting him and changing the subject, we ended up with a little chant of him going “nuts!” and I would reply “bolts” and so on, he thought it was a fun game – that he could keep going for what seemed like hours but it sounded a little less awful.

carrots and rainbows