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We are spending the last few weeks here before my little buds leave me for the summer, doing activities around Finding Nemo/Finding Dory theme and last week we made some Bloat Cookies. – For those who don’t know Bloat is the¬†pufferfish in the dentists fish tank.
I am really annoyed with myself as last month we spent weeks doing activities around the theme of the book Dinosaurs Love Underpants, and I took loads of photos. But I can’t find them anywhere. They must have been deleted, how, I do not know, idiot. All I have got is a handful of not …
Biggy is away, kids are in bed and I should be doing paperwork – I have just finished a course on Supporting children’s emotional well-being and I should be thinking about starting another one or I should be drawing lots of underpants – more on that another time, but now I am bored, I have …
My Easter activities have been messy, chaotic and time consuming – for me, not necessarily the kids. But the favourite and easiest has been the Easter Chocolate Bars.
Firstly Happy Valentines Day!!!