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During our farm theme we had going here I made some small world boxes for the children to play with.
I needed a quick distraction on a rainy day; it was craft time, so I grabbed some large card, glue and tissue paper, then tried to measure four little moving heads and made some pointy hats which they decorated with the tissue paper:
A few months ago we had a farm theme going here for the kids and I spent a weekend painting some large cardboard boxes to slightly resemble a tractor and a barn. It was messy; the paint may wash off hands – but not clothes. But the kids loved it, what child does not love …
The other week to embrace the summer we had an ice cream theme going. I spent a lot of time that previous weekend making an ice cream shop out of a cardboard box and many ice creams and lollies to sell from it (i dreamt about making lollies for days afterwards). I made a sign with some simple prices (1, 2 and 3) and gave them the equivalent coins to buy their ice creams with. And it was a great success.
A bit of messy play in the garden for Golden Boy First some flowers then add¬†some utensils add some shaving foam then add a child