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About time for a little baking, and from my gigantic magazine cutout stash I attempted some Caramel Kisses. First I had to make a biscuity base, fairly easy; butter, milk, biscuits, flour, sugar, coconut and golden syrup. Then I rolled the mixture┬áinto little balls and wedged them into cupcake trays. Then I fairly successfully made …
Yesterday Smalls text me from school announcing she wanted to bake a cake, an oreo cake. I jumped at the chance for her to do this as anything that get Smalls away from lying on her bed staring at a screen is a great thing. So I told her to find the recipe she wants …
September and the new term has hit me. Ugh I could complain about my tiredness and failings but actually I just cannot be arsed. So how about some baking chat; yesterday I made a Chocolate and Almond Cake.
Today I made the most delicious biscuits, seriously, I know that doesn’t sound very modest, but they were really yum, like you you won’t be able to stop at one yum. They are from Marcus Wareling’s book: Nutmeg and Custard.
So I have been creating a little, with a few disasters – a chocolate cake with raspberry cream cheese frosting tasted very odd. But these Chocolate Fudgy Cupcakes are goood.