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Today I was standing freezing my butt off pushing Golden Boy on the swings, which I don’t do very often anymore as he is more interested in the climbing equipment, but when he was smaller he could sit for hours whilst I pushed and pushed.
I have recently got the Hummingbird Bakery Home Sweet Home book out of the library and the very first recipe is Jaffa Cake Cupcakes, and who cares what other beautiful cakes were in the book, this one was a winner for me, I had to try and make them.
The weekend started early; it had been a stressful few days building up to it, as I had left revision for my theory test to the absolute last minute, I had actually done nothing until about 3 days before my test so in the evenings I had to do some serious cramming. 
I have got a little bit of WiFi whilst waiting for my fish, chips and mushy peas, so hello from Turkey.
I had lots of ideas and plans for blog posts before the holiday. But holiday brain has set in and I have nothing to say. Work smurk, kids are going to have to deal with beach and park entertainment as I have no activities planned. All I have in my head are packing lists, book …