September and the new term has hit me. Ugh I could complain about my tiredness and failings but actually I just cannot be arsed. So how about some baking chat; yesterday I made a Chocolate and Almond Cake.


Firstly Chocolate and Almond, yum, flavours I would not turn down.

I got the recipe from my overflowing box of magazine cut-outs. It wasn’t a difficult recipe but not a quick one to make as a few steps to it – I managed to cover every surface in dirty bowls and utensils and boy was I not in the mood for clearing up, why do I do these things!


It ended up being quite a lovely almondy tasting cake with a slightly bitty yet gooey texture to it.



You have to make a chocolate sponge with a load of chopped almonds and some amaretto mixed in with it, then to make it more light and fluffy you add some whisked egg whites to the mixture.


Once baked I then covered it in a wonderfully sickly ganache – as you can see I didn’t take my time over it…

So a nice sickly cake that the kids have all enjoyed.




The Pin Junkie
Sincerely, Paula