This time of the year I make the same pumpkin cake, but this year I can’t be bothered, and I have been a bit slack with the pumpkin crafts with the kids, and that is pretty rubbish, I love a pumpkin, what’s not to love about the ginormous fruit, or is it veg… as there are so many great things to make with one of them:


  • I would definitely make these, I love a whoopee pie as they don’t need to look pretty to be good – although these ones do…
  • My friend tried to decorate a pumpkin with some melted crayons recently and it wasn’t as easy as it looked, but this post does look pretty.
  • I don’t make soup very often but whenever I do I am always pleased with the results and feel like I have been all clever producing such a nutritious meal, unlike the majority of my baking disasters, and this looks like a great soup to make.
  • I might just squeeze this activity in with the kids next week.
  • I have had absolutely no success in making a swiss roll but if I was brave enough I would give this a go.
  • What is not to love about this cake.
  • This is a very cute craft.
  • This would be great to make for guests, instead of the usual dips we buy from Tescos, who I am I kidding…
  • And I shall finish with this lovely looking pumpkin cake.