Films, movies, pictures; whatever you want to call them, they have always been a great easy pastime, and we do love a bit of on-screen entertainment in this house.


Agreeing on the film to watch together however, not so easy. Actually as one big happy family we don’t watch many films, mostly due to Biggies stubborness and limited patience for most things. Sorry Biggy but it is true. His taste is blow em up. torture or zombies, not particularly family friendly.

Pre-Golden Boy, a trip to the cinema was as natural as having to do the weekly shop, whereas now serious planning is required, and we really look forward to it like it is a special event, like a big night out with friends, or a weekend away, or a 2 week hol in the Maldives, okay, maybe not as big as that but you get the idea.

Luckily Biggy and I do have some faves in common; the Rockys, Die Hards, Indies, Zombie Films, we love Cloverfield, I am Legend, Planes Trains and Automobiles and we seem to be the only people that really enjoy Rock of Ages. We have discovered that together we are quite uncultured when it comes to our viewing likes – we recently tried Bridge of Spies, and yep we agree it was well-acted – c’mon it was Tom Hanks, it was going to be – it had a good storyline that wasn’t as complicated as I thought it would be, but oh my goodness, it went on and on and on and with about 30 mins to go, we quit, there was just nothing physically happening and like a pair of 4 year olds we were fidgeting and squirming on our seats. We are very aware that this is our problem, this is a well-loved film, just for the more sophisticated I think. And we are not.


It is funny how passionate people get about their taste in films; Biggy is v v opinionated (in general) and if he doesn’t like a film – or the sound of one then he will be very vocal about it, and my mum, who is not so opinionated and certainly not so vocal will declare something we like but she doesn’t as ‘crap!’ – there is an-ongoing, and I see it as never-ending ‘Guardians of the Galaxy feud’ between the pair of them, mum loves it, Biggy hates it, and neither can understand the others views. We have some friends who love talky talky films – Bridge of Spies anyone!? – and we think zzzzzz, what is wrong with them? how can they find that enjoying to watch? and they reciprocate by rolling their eyes at our need for a middle-aged man, in a dirty white vest, saving the city/country/world, whilst saying some excellently lame one-liners to entertain us.

Anyway, the countdown to seeing Independence Day: Resurgence begins, yay!

ind day 2