If germs were visible to the human eye, you would struggle to see anything through what I imagine to be a mouldy green fog of them in our house at the moment. Golden Boy is cured and I feel fine but Smalls, First Born and Biggy have been hit with all sorts of nastiness.

First Born is suffering from a snotty cold, nothing life-threatening and he has managed to go to work and a concert this week, but you can hear the constant sniffing and blood-vessel bursting sneezes coming from his room.

Smalls had to be collected from school at lunchtime on Monday (not a problem now as I could drive and get her – smug pat on my back – no more dragging a pathetic looking child home on the bus and having to leap out at nearest stop for her to empty her stomach all over the pavement). Anyway the poor thing then had a few traumatic hours throwing up – it started off in the loo, then on the carpet, and then into her (empty) bin. I was eventually getting a phonecall from her, as too weak to walk downstairs, and this little voice would say “can you come and see me?!” and up I would go to be greeted by her her holding out her pink bin of yuck for me to dispose of, aahh to be mummy. 2 days later she is much better, we just need to get the girl vertical and washed.


And Biggy, poor Biggy, he had to come home from work early yesterday as he wasn’t feeling well and straight to bed he went, accompanied by an excited Golden Boy who isn’t used to seeing daddy in the daylight on a week day, who then chatted away to him, poked him in the eye with a postcard and had a big smelly poo, just what you need when you don’t have the strength to fight back.

Poor Biggy, and Biggy does not handle poorly well. He is a very vocal ill person; lots of sighing and groaning, but I suppose we are all guilty of that. But it is the endless questions that drive me bonkers; “Why am I ill?”, “What is wrong with me?”, “Do you think it will last long?”, “Why is this happening to me!?” and so on and on and on. It is horrible to see him ill, and I will look after him, but he is not the first person for this to happen to, and the universe is not out to get him, and most importantly, I AM NOT A DOCTOR, so I have no answers, except it is just a bug, drink lots, go to sleep. Now.