For Christmas I was given a £25 voucher for Waterstones (Thank you G&G). I love buying books but I very rarely buy new so this is a real treat, and my wishlist is long, very very long. So what I thought was as it is a treat why not buy a new cookbook, something shiny with lots of pictures, no creases, no food splattered on the pages, something I will treat like a newborn baby. Excellent, this is going to be fun. However I want them all!!

I have narrowed it down to a top 10, and I have tried so hard to not make them all baking, I could bake a cake everyday for years and still wouldn’t run out of recipes now, however that won’t stop me buying more in the future… And to narrow it down I have only looked at newer cookbooks. So on the list is:

  • I thought as it is new year everyone is thinking of being healthy; lots of “dry Januarys” and “detoxing” going on and I know of a very unsuccessful meat-free thing going on with one of my friends… So maybe I should start with a veggie book, I do try quite a few vegetarian recipes that I just add chicken to. I think this book fits the bill.

  • Sticking with the healthy theme, I have always wanted to own a Madelaine Shaw book, so this one is on the list.

  • I have only ever baked bread about 3 times and each time has been disastrous so this year my plan is to master my nemesis (not just because I can’t make the stuff but also because it hurts my tum, but tastes so damn good). Bread. And this book looks a great place to start.

  • I have a few slow cooker cookbooks and I love to use the slow cooker – I have all these plans to cook loads of meals at the weekend for the week ahead (only done it once). But I never really like the meals that I have attempted, the books are a bit dated so maybe I need something a bit newer. I would like to give this one a try.

  • I am always trying to use up leftover ingredients that I have insisted that Biggy buys and I try to keep the cupboards stocked with all the essentials I need (or do I use these reasons as an excuse to make lists…).  This book looks really helpful.

  • This book has intrigued me because for ordinary mid-week meals we kind of have the same old stuff – mostly chicken based – and what could make them more interesting is some tasty sides to go with the chicken, so I would like to give this book a go.

  • I want this book, simply because I love a Nigella book.

  • Now this is my kind of cookbook, nice hearty home-cooked food.

  • I also have aspirations of trying to cook a bit fancier, and this could help.
  • And finally I got this book out of the library recently and I really liked it.

So which one am I going to go for???

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