The other week to embrace the summer we had an ice cream theme going. I spent a lot of time that previous weekend making an ice cream shop out of a cardboard box and many ice creams and lollies to sell from it (i dreamt about making lollies for days afterwards). I made a sign with some simple prices (1, 2 and 3) and gave them the equivalent coins to buy their ice creams with. And it was a great success. They spent ages playing with it; they understood the concept of the prices, they took it in turns to be ice cream sellers and customers and they wanted to play with it many times over the week. Golden Boy got so involved with the role play that I had to remove the lollies several times as he was getting paint all over his mouth from licking the lollies. One of the older girls wants to take it home with her once we have finished with it (not sure her parents would be too impressed with it).

ice cream shop bl

ice cream board bl

We then got out the trusty shaving foam and I had made some little cardboard cones and they got messy creating their own ice creams.

foam ice cream bl

Then of course we did some baking and made pretty ice cream cupcakes.

ice cream cupcakes bl