I love to bake and cook, and sometimes I am okay at it and sometimes I am not, however making my bakes look good, I am really quite rubbish at, I think mostly because I don’t have much patience when it comes to the end of the baking. I rush and don’t put much care into it. So Golden Boy and I thought we would make some biscuits and practice our icing. And it went okay, ish. Still got a way way to go.

I thought flowers would be fairly easy, just a couple of colours and a simple shape. But I still found myself rushing with some and Golden Boy is quite a distraction, however after I had attempted a few I got on a bit of a roll.

Golden Boy enjoyed his icing, although he needs to be watched closely otherwise the piping bag heads towards his mouth…

I have some lovely dinosaur biscuit cutters, am I brave enough to try icing dinosaur biscuits next or should I continue to practice with simpler shapes…

Golden Boys biscuits were of course very beautifully decorated.

What I did find difficult was not touching the biscuits once iced but not dried; I could not stop prodding them to check, which, if not dry and set leaves pretty dents and marks, oops.

So I may have added some filters to these pictures to try and make them look better.

I will keep practicing.