Yesterday (whilst looking after a couple of 2 year olds, not a clever move), I attempted Kerry Cooks huuugely popular Cadbury Crème Egg Chocolate Caramel Shortbread. With the help of the kids, we made the shortbread. shortbread Looking good. But then came the caramel, not so successful. I cleverly put the ingredients into a saucepan and got distracted by those needy children and burnt the sugar, oops. Had to pour into another saucepan and try and remove as many burnt bits as I could. caramel Can you see the flecks of brown? The chocolate topping went better as did that during naptime. Then it was ready for the fridge. close up I think because I messed up the caramel it wasn’t quite a nice sticky thick caramel so when I tried to chop it up after being refridgerated overnight it still oozed, alo,t and the chocolate broke up not so nice and neatly. cadburys creme egg chocolate shortbread chopped up It might have been one of the messiest things I have ever made, but it is seriously yum!