I know it has been a while and at the rate I am going I will have this holiday diary finished just as we go on our next one – I smugly grin to myself when I think of the next one 🙂

So on day five we went for another trip to Soller; this time instead of down the motorway we chose the scenic route, and it really was a beautiful scenic route; over an hour of windy roads through the mountains, the views, when I dared look, were amazing. I know I wasn’t driving – that is never going to happen! – but I could barely take my eyes off the road, I am sure Biggy who seemed to be taking in all the beautiful scenery was very happy to have me prompting him every so often, to be careful.

Unfortunately getting photos of these picturesque views was incredibly difficult, they would have been just a blur, but there was the occasional spot you could pull-over and get out and take some pics, problem was you only noticed them as you were whizzing by and turning around was not an option as the roads were too narrow and unpredictable; you didn’t know when another car was going to come zooming around the corner, normally in the middle of the road.

Anyways we eventually came across a big reservoir at the end of a tunnel with a perfect place to stop and have a much needed break; the kids were feeling a bit queasy after being flung around in the back of the car, it was very beautiful and a pair of out of place sheep cheered up the slightly unhappy Golden Boy.




Then we were on our way again, and soon we were at last in Soller, and from there we took a little tram ride to Port de Soller; which was lovely and refreshing and we had more of that beautiful scenery to enjoy.



A teenager paying no attention to the scenery.


When we got there we took a sunny walk along the marina and found a restaurant to eat some Tapas – and Biggy bribed Smalls into eating a piece of calamari, that girl will do anything for make-up.

Once tums were full we ambled back through the pretty streets to the tram.

And maybe fitted in another ice cream.


Then back onto the motorway and back to villa for some pool-time and lounging around.