Now time for some holiday memories, sorry, more for me then anyone else.

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We have been back almost 3 weeks and I had better write my little diary about it before I forget:

I had been looking forward to this holiday so much, although whenever people asked where we were going I would reply “we are ‘just’ going to Mallorca”, but the just wasn’t meant in a bad way, it was ‘just’ because of the distance, it felt like it was sooo close to home, a 2 hour flight! That is nothing! And our close to home, yet abroad – France and Portugal – hadn’t been a great success where weather is concerned and other than a brief stop in Palma, it was a bit of an unknown, we had heard nothing but great things but the need and therefore the pressure to have a lovely break in the sun with my family was huge.

First impressions were not disappointing; although the first day consisted mostly of airports and motorways. – It would seem somewhere can be very close but it still takes bloody ages to get there – no I am not complaining, you cannot complain when you are travelling for a HOLIDAY. At first there was some faffing around getting the car – why do these things take so long!?, Luckily Smalls was entertained by a tiny screen and Golden Boy had luggage and a drinks machine to amuse himself with – who knows what goes on inside his little head.

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To start with we were looking at the usual cars and roads but then we were seeing mountains that were a combination of healthy green and barren rocks, I was so happy, this isn’t England and although it was overcast the temperature was a great improvement.

After zooming along the motorway and then down some interestingly narrow roads – well done Biggy – we came to our beautiful villa; I was instantly in love, it was behind some big gates and by a large driveway. In a very pretty garden our pool was waiting for us with its own little poolhouse, how very extravagant, and there was a beautiful veranda covered in pink flowers.

Mallorca day 1

Inside was just as pleasing; a well stocked kitchen – they must have been expecting people who need to use lots of teeny weeny glasses, –  a good sized lounge/diner with very high ceilings and above was a little mezzanine area. There were 3 double bedrooms, 2 en-suites and a family bathroom, we were so spoilt, yep I was quite happy to be spending the next 9 days there.

mallorca day 1

Once we had done some shopping Golden Boy was in desperate need to use up some energy so although the pool was quite chilly it was time to brave it.

mallorca day 1

Then it was pizzas for dinner and in bed by 9. At last we were on holiday!

mallorca day 1