I haven’t done a Wonderful Week/s for a little while, not because we haven’t been up to much, but I am being a bit rubbish with taking pics at he moment, and also I can’t seem to transfer any from my phone to the computer, which is a real pain in the butt!

But guess what, I have still got a few more day and photos from our summer holiday so here is Day 6.

We had a slow morning, pottering around enjoying the sunshine.

Morning Golden Boy and Monkey.


Oh he’s awake!


Here is a view of a little round building on the hill in front of the villa which we looked at each day and questioned who lived there.


Biggy had a little trip planned for us much to Small’s dismay as it was to some caves – The Caves of Drach – Cuevas del Drach.

It was an hours drive; luckily on a much safer route compared to the day before. We arrived at lunchtime and with an hours wait ahead of us we headed into Porto Cristo, which has a really beautiful beach and was full of people enjoying the sunshine.


After a quick and not especially great bite to eat we rushed back to the caves to see what all the fuss was about. Smalls was not feeling to happy about this but she went in without any drama.


And it was really good, the stalactites and stalacmites were really impressive, we kept being moved along as we could have ambled along slowly all afternoon.



Smalls was fine, she clung on to me a bit here and there and Golden Boy was a bit unsure, he thought there was a dragon living at the bottom; we were very helpful and reassured him by saying it was okay if we kept quiet and didn’t wake it up.


Honestly Smalls wasn’t that scared.



After following alot of paths and stroking the walls and rocks as nothing looked real, and looking down below into turquiose coloured water, you eventually you came to this large lake called Lake Martel. Beside the lake were all these seats, once we had all parked our bottoms the lights went out and these 3 boats covered in lights came sailing up the lake. On one of the boats was a piano and some violins – oh and the people playing them – and for about 10 minutes we sat there watching and listening to this eerie but quite lovely mini concert.


Once it was over, to get out of the caves you could either go over a small bridge or have a very small boat ride along the lake, Smalls was not impressed, caves and now a boat, but I made the decision of waiting – a very long time – and we went on the boat.  We felt a bit silly as it was a tiny boat ride but I think all part of the experience.


Afterwards time for refreshments.


Then back to the villa for a couple of hours. That evening it was back to Pollenca for dinner.


And of course more ice cream.