Day Four was at last a day of rest. A day of doing nothing but sitting round, swimming, reading, sleeping, ha ha.

It was still a bit chilly in the pool but Golden Boy wasn’t bothered by this.


And once his lips turned blue he could play with his toys in the sun.


That evening we ventured out to Alcudia for dinner. From what I saw of it, it is a beautiful historical town with lots of old buildings and we looked at some restaurants within the big walls surrounding the old town, but they were all a bit too posh and pricey for us. So back in the car we went and instead drove to Port d’Alcudia, which certainly isn’t as classy and very touristy, but was lively and there were plenty of places for a unsophisticated family of four to eat. And Biggy and I had our Paella which was on our to-do list.


How to entertain a four year old at a dinner table – give him some string and some beads.


With full tums we went for a walk in the sunset.


And then pudding time.