So far this year I have done a bit of baking but I haven’t taken many photos; the grey weather and the baking in the evenings aren’t producing great pictures, plus we all know my baking don’t look that pretty.

One of my attempts I have taken a few pictures of has been a Marmalade Cake.


I got the recipe from Nigel Slaters – The Kitchen Diaries. Every year I flick through this book, always making plans to go through the months of the book, cooking my way through the year. It never happens. It is not my fault, if there were more hours in the day I would love to cook more but this bloomin working malarkey gets in the way.

It is a nice simple recipe; I had all the ingredients already, easy instructions, I really couldn’t go wrong, and although it didn’t look like the one in his book, it really did taste good.

My frosting was considerably thinner so didn’t look as pretty, but it still tasted very orangey and had a nice sugary crunch to it.

I took some of it into work and it disappeared in a flash. Not that that means anything, those guys will eat anything sweet.

This will definitely go in my recipe box, a good one to bring out when someone is popping round during the day at the weekend – I have always thought it would be nice to have a freshly baked cake and a tin full of home-baked biscuits for all the visitors. Problem is I am too lazy for the baking, and the weekend visitors are few and far between…