One of my evening distractions is pinning outfits for upcoming events – whether it be having people round for dinner, or going out somewhere posh, cos that happens alot… but either way I love to plan what I could buy for these moments – if I had the money. And I have noticed that a few of my boards have metallic skirts on them, it is a trend that has been around a while and I actually don’t know if I would actually wear one, however I am quite drawn to them.

They come in all colours and sizes.

  • A girly pink one
  • They even come in peppermint!
  • I know I have already put a pink one but there is something about this one
  • Black will always be a winner
  • I think I could wear this one – short and red; tacky and me!

And I especially like a stripy one.

  • I think this one is my favourite
  • Metallic = silver and gold
  • Or you could have one with a different type of hem
  • I love this colourful one
  • What about one with tiers

The next question is; what would I wear on top!?