I was going to do a little post about our Birthday weekend but seeing as someone hasn’t sent me any of the photos they took, it will have to wait…

Luckily I made some Mint Humbug Cupcakes last week so I can write about them.

mint humbug cupcakes

I got them from my fave recipe book at the moment The Hummingbird Bakery – Home Sweet Home. They were nice and easy to make and I quite liked the taste of them; but I think anything with peppermint in it is definitely an acquired taste. When I mentioned them to a couple of people, they wrinkled their noses up before I could even offer them one and there is something odd about the taste, they are almost a bit too refreshing to be yum.

Saying that the kids had no complaints when eating them, so why is it such a drama to get them to brush their teeth…

mint humbug cupcakes

mint humbug cupcakes mint humbug cupcakes