Alot of people, when they get to a certain age will come across the boss that is younger than them; how will they cope? Will they be mature and admire their bosses youthful commitment and ambition, will they just not be bothered – who cares, it is just a job that you yourself couldn’t be arsed to aspire to anyway, would they go the bitter way – it is so unfair, they probably got the job because HR thought it looked good for the company.

But what if your boss isn’t old enough to control their own bowel movements, cannot pronounce puddle and misses out the number 1 when counting. It is humiliating.

butter wouldn't melt

I plan my days completely; food, activities, when and where to be, chores. But from the minute he wakes up – which if I have children arriving at 7:30am the boss will choose this day to be lay in day, but on a day when there are no plans first thing, his itinerary will say, be up and play loudly with dinosaur at 6am – he is in charge. Mealtimes will be when and what he wants or we might as well put the day on hold while we scream and cry for as long as it takes to get that stomach filling yoghurt and nothing more,  – yes he hasn’t actually eaten any meat of veg for over a year but I have had beautiful healthy meals planned for him, doesn’t that count!?

He is in charge of my work attire – it will be unflattering but ever so comfortable and not to mention the stains that appear shortly after put on.

Any breaks are when he is ready; I may be allowed to sit and have a drink, but only if it is next to him whilst watching Thomas the Tank Engine, toilet breaks are allowed but only if he can accompany me – the lowly workers need to be kept an eye on at all times.


I don’t understand it! I was here first! In fact if it wasn’t for me he wouldn’t even be here! I am supposed to be helping him grow into a wonderful happy little man, keeping him safe, teaching him right and wrong, educating him, and all on my terms as I have been here so much longer, he should be looking up to me, expecting Mum to lead the way.

I do try to exert my authority, Smalls, First Born and Biggy all laugh at that but you would think it would be easier with a 2 year old that doesn’t know any better. I use my stern voice and strict words; lots of no! stop it! don’t do that!- but who am I kidding, there are probably more, pleeeease don’t, oh okay, just this once uttered. Occasionally there is a flicker of obedience but then he looks me deep in the eyes, into my soul, and he knows… he is the boss.