I am four days away from starting my new job. With Golden Boy starting school in a couple of weeks it was time to find something away from the home, still with children but also other grown ups, and I am feeling quite excited; a change, the house will be ours again (uh-oh no excuse for the mess), being part of a team, adult conversation and I am really quite looking forward to not looking like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards. I am looking forward to doing my hair, wearing a bit of make up, pretty shoes and anything that isn’t jeans and jumpers – although I have been told it gets quite chilly in the winter so I don’t have to avoid my precious knitwear completely.

Only problem is I don’t own much office style clothes. So I have been browsing:

Firstly I much prefer a dress, and I suppose I have to be sensible so a black one is a good start:

This is quite a pretty flared style:

Maybe if I add a little bit of frills with this dress:


But I would also like to wear something cute.

Maybe this would look a bit more grown up:

I quite like a polka dot:

Or stripes:

Would floral be too much cos this is quite pretty:

Red is my favourite colour but this might be too sophisticated for me:

Of course I could go the seperates root, I am not much of a trousers person and I would much prefer a wide leg but I have never found the perfect pair that don’t look too long or make me look only 4 foot tall, so skinny is the way to go for me:

But what to wear on top, I would like something a bit fun:

Or maybe something a little bit smarter:

Must not forget the skirts, something pretty:

And match it with a classic white shirt:

Or maybe I could go for a more sexy sophisticated skirt:

But I would add a more casual top to go with it:

And no outfit would be complete without shoes, glorious shoes, I am going to be doing a fair bit of running around so the sensible route would be flats:

I quite like a practical but cute brogue:

But I would really like to wear some glamorous heels:

But I know that I will end up wearing black ankle boots, they go with most things and work with every weather, and these might not be the simple style I will go for, however these are sooo gorgeous I can dream:

These are all waaay out of my price range, but a girl can dream…