Well that was a terrible start! Let me try again.

There has been such a large gap in my writing because my insomnia got so bad I was like something out of the ‘walking dead’ and trying to get through a working day, then not be a terrible mother and girlfriend and then trying to work out how to do a blog was impossible. Plus I was ill for almost a month – lost a lovely lot of weight though.

Now time to pull myself together. Again. I am all better. Wonderful. The weight is back on. Not so wonderful. The sun is shining. On some days.

Golden boy in the sun

My other issue has been this actual blog. My obsession with reading so many other blogs (something to do in the middle of the night) I thought it can’t possibly be that difficult, but blimey, many hours have passed and I have got as far as setting this page up; this is about my hundredth theme, which I don’t like, I get in a complete mess with trying to customize it, why is my email address displayed at the top?! ugh, many hours and much tears and a bit of a quitting attitude. But no, I have bought myself a blogging for dummies (aka me) book and it may take time but hopefully I will be able to work out what I am actually doing.

So some incentives for me: a holiday to Turkey in just under seven weeks – oh dear time to do something drastic about the squidgy belly. In seven weeks. Hmmm.

I have started driving lessons; at almost 40 I have spent a couple of decades putting off learning but now I am at home surrounded by children and no adults, all day every day and I am starting to feel trapped in the home that I really do love, but like all relationships, we need a bit of space, and I need to get out of here! Anyway it is going well, 11 lessons in and I assume many more to go but I am daydreaming about me and the kids out in the big wide world at some point in the future. Being someone of so little confidence I must be a joy to teach (there is much juddering and dammits and the occasional eyes closed or covering my face with my hands (whilst moving) and there has been one occasion of tears) but I do have the loveliest lady teaching me so if she has hope in me, then I will persevere.

I hope to be back soon.