Last week I had to pretend like a grown up; pay attention, nod my head, look confident and responsible. Sounds like I was in a very important meeting, like a job interview, but it was just a parents evening. In fact two parent evenings; one night for Golden Boy, the next for Smalls, one about his preparation for school, the other the preparation for GCSE exams next year.

I have been to quite a few parents evenings over the years and although my face looks different – damn those lines – my mother persona has not changed; I am still awkward, overly-smiley, totally paranoid that they can see through my ‘competent parenting’ act, there was even a moment when I wanted to giggle at a teachers irish accent – it is such a happy sound, like he was speaking and singing at the same time…

Golden Boy is doing well, hitting all his targets, he is a good boy, he is a chatterbox when on a one-to-one basis (oh don’t I know that, he definitely gets that from his father) but he is very quiet in groups – like me then – and he prefers to play on his own. But it does make us worry how he will be when he is at school, I don’t like the thought of him being all on his own. 🙁

Smalls is doing well, but she doesn’t put enough effort in – tell me about it! right at this very moment she is sulking in her room because she made such a fuss over doing homework and doing a chore, all she wants to do is watch tv. All. The Time. – she is also such a chatterbox with her friends and won’t listen to the teachers, and doesn’t see this as a bad thing. Those poor teachers, I do not know how they do it.  Anyways, the point is, they have such confidence in her but if she doesn’t put some more work in she won’t be getting very good grades, she could do so well if she just tried. Her answer: a shrug. So frustrating!!

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