I planned on having another rain activity to write up today; we were supposed to have made some rainmakers (basically cardboard tubes filled with dried beans that the kids decorate and then shake and make a rain sound) but I cannot get the bloody nails into the tube (the beans hit the nails as it is turned around) I spent ages trying to push these little nails in, I tried gently hammering, I tried not so gently hammering, I then quit.

Doesn’t matter, after getting soaked twice today with many many children, suffering with tonsillitis and shutting my finger in the cupboard door (my god did that hurt!) by this afternoon I had just covered the rooms in toys and put Mario Kart on the TV and everyone is happy. I am going to attempt a baking activity tomorrow to make up for my neglect.

Sooo in my moments of insomnia, need for entertainment and the strong urge to make a list, I have made a rain song list. And this is definitely not as up-beat as Christmas – I suppose rain isn’t a happy topic, sure doesn’t cheer me up anyway.

Anyways, I have spent some time on my old buddy Youtube and trying to remember rain based songs, and here are my top 20.

rain songs 17-20

20.   Sunshine after the Rain by Elkie Brooks, I don’t really like this song that much, and there are lots of Jazz versions on Youtube, snore, Berri’s cheesy 90’s version is much more fun, but very annoying.

19.   Rod Stewart’s Have You Ever Seen the Rain – I am not a big fan of Rod Stewart’s voice but this is a nice song.

18.   Cyndi Lauper – Who Let In The Rain – I remember this from when I was younger, hadn’t heard it in ages.

17. Wendy Moten – Come On In Out of the Rain – This is probably on many love song compilation albums.

rain songs 16-13

16.   Barry Manilow – I Made It Through the Rain –  had never heard this song before, but I thought it was quite nice – who knew I was a fan of the Manilow!

15.   I love Tina Turner’s version of I can’t Stand the Rain.

14.   And here is an obvious and at last a lively choice: The Weather Girls – It’s Raining Men.

13.   Bruno Mars – It Will Rain. Anything Bruno Mars sings is beautiful.

rain songs 12-9

12.   Zoe – Sunshine On A Rainy Day – reminds me of school, such a 90s song.

11.   Bette Midler – I Think Its’s Gonna Rain Today – Such a sad song from the film Beaches.

10.   The Carpenters – Rainy Days and Mondays. Need I say more.

9.  Garbage – Only Happy When it Rains – another 90’s song…

rain songs 8-5

8.   Travis – Why Does It Always Rain On Me? – Where do Travis go?

7.   Blue Pearl – Naked In the Rain – a 90’s dance track, what is not to love.

6.   Eurythmics – Here Comes the Rain Again – It does go on a bit, but it is a classic.

5.   Rihanna – Umbrella – It got on my nerves as played so much when released, but it is a great song.

rain songs 4

4.   Adele – Set Fire To the Rain – One of her best songs, of the many.

rain song 3

3.   Madonna – Rain – Love it, Love it, Love it.

These last 2 are anthems that go on and on, and they are allowed to as they are completely brilliant.

rain song 2

2.   Guns n Roses – November Rain.

rain song 1

And Number 1 is PRINCE – PURPLE RAIN.