More days go by, more blog posts missed. 50% due to germs hitting the family and 50% due to this effin computer, so much time wasted watching a blue circle go round and round on the screen and then it all crashes completely. There has been much swearing.

So where to start, I suppose the most important catch up is Smalls final celebration for her birthday. A couple of Saturdays ago we left Golden Boy in the care of Bestie and Grandparents and Smalls, Biggy and I caught the train to London to meet Nanny and Grandpa A for an afternoon of shopping – I think I am correct in saying Smalls favourite part of her birthday.

She got quite a good stash, mostly clothes and make up – since when does a 14 year old need so much, and such expensive make up, but her money, I must hush.

smalls bday stash

smalls bday stash

smalls bday stash

After a quick pop back to hotel to freshen up we went out for dinner – the birthday girls request was for ‘burger’, easily done, off we went to Five Guys for some fast food, it is a noisy chaotic place – I don’t think Nanny was too impressed – but the portion sizes are huge and the food is tasty, Smalls was satisfied.

birthday burger

Once full we went off to the theatre. Smalls has never seen a musical, which is crazy as we are such a musical loving family, how have I not dragged her out for nights of endless singing and dancing before! For her first show we chose Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as we thought it would be lots of fun and a story she knows.

smalls bday

And it was fun, colourful and very well-perfomed, I am not a big fan of children on stage, all that confidence just comes across as a bit obnoxious, but these children were really very talented, even the sickly goody goody Charlie Bucket – how do these little people have the guts to perform like that in front of all those people when I struggle to talk to people I have know for years, I am jealous.

We had a lovely weekend and I think Smalls had a good time, it is hard to tell as she is so unenthusiastic and, well teenage. Can’t wait for her 15th, gulp.