I am not good with silence, the only time I need the quiet is at night, then I want to hear absolutely nothing; no breathing – Biggy, no tv – First Born, and Smalls and Golden Boy I can hear everytime you move, stay still… And when the the kids I look after leave I do like to have a peaceful moment before the tidying up and teatime chaos begins. The rest of the time I need noise, preferably musical noise – although I am not adverse to a bit of Netflix in the background to keep me company – but mostly as soon as I enter a room the music is turned on.

There seems to be a link with the the song I want to talk about, the title of this post and my first paragraph going on about not liking the sound of silence – but that was just a happy coincidence…

It seems to have been a while since I have fell in love with a song and when I do I play it over and over – sorry neighbours – and I am loving that Pink has brought out a song, (that woman could bring out an album singing nursery rhymes and I would buy it – and it really is time for another album Pink!) but it wasn’t her that did it for me this time. At the weekend I was attempting to exercise; with the help of Golden Boy, so I wasn’t getting very far, I had a music channel playing and a song came on that stopped me in my tracks/or squats actually, it gave me goosebumps and I had to immediately google it and download it.

Disturbed – The Sound of Silence

I knew it sounded familiar but I was surprised when I found out is was Simon & Garfunkels song, and the original is great but boy do I love this version, Disturbed might be a bit of a heavy for me to listen to normally, but this song is going to be played ALOT in this house.

sound of the silence