I, like pretty much everybody else in the world (who isn’t already a rich bastard) has the dream of that lottery win, imaging that moment when you can quit your job, you dream about the way you can tell your family and friends with dramatic announcements and generous gifts – anyone want that mortgage paid off and a luxury trip around the world…

Whenever I hear people say they wouldn’t want to win the lottery, “money can’t buy you happiness”, I think, what bullcrap, of course it can, imagine not worrying about paying bills, imagine being able to go shopping, on holiday, to the theatre, treat your friends to a week in New York, booking your parents on that cruise they have always wanted to do. Of course we would do good with the money, we have a plan to set up a business that donates to charities, but I wouldn’t/couldn’t help myself, I would spend spend spend.  Thank goodness Biggy is the sensible one.

Imagine knowing the kids will grow up without worrying about how on earth they are ever going to afford to pay for a mortgage, imagine not having to set an alarm clock for work, imagine seeing that outfit in a magazine and thinking yep I am gonna buy it, although Beyoncé looks better in it, imagine Christmas!!!

I have just had 2 weeks off work, how lucky am I!? But tomorrow it is time to go back. And I very rarely buy lottery tickets but I have bought 3 over the Christmas hols, not won a thing of course, but I hope, I really hope that this is the year, this is the year our numbers will come up, that I will hand that letter in to my boss, with an apology and a skip in my step, and after giving loads of it away (the unselfish bit) we are going to book ourselves on a beautiful holiday. And whilst away we will be talking about that luxury house we are going to buy.

In this house we are going to have an amazing kitchen for all my cooking, and a big ole dining room for all the dinner parties we will hold.

And we will have a cinema room, games room, and somewhere we can hold parties with a big disco and karaoke machine – yes I am that tacky.

And of course there will be a swimming pool and a gym, the kids will have the coolest rooms – they will never have to move out, but don’t tell Biggy. There will be guest rooms all with en-suites and I will have the hugest dressing room for all the clothes I will have from all the shopping I will do.

And then it will be time for another holiday or three.

Biggy and I would make it our mission to show the kids a sunset in every country.

Sigh, oh well, better have an early night, back to work in the morn.