We are trying to do a city break every year, just somewhere to pop to for a few days towards the end of the year. It isn’t really a relaxing break as we like to see as many sights as we can, so early starts, long days and late nights, but we love it and really look forward to the next one and are always thinking where to for the future. I was just having a little google of what were the top 10 European City Breaks for this year to see how it was going compared to our list:

city breaks

Venice was at the top of the list: yay almost top of ours too as that is hopefully going to be next years trip, to be honest anywhere in Italy is on my list as after just a short visit whilst on a cruise some years back I fell in love with the place, so beautiful.


Paris was next; well of course been there and done that.


Rome: 40 days to go!!


Amsterdam: We went with a group of friends a few years ago, it was lots of fun and it started off my love for the segway, but I didn’t seem to take any photos of the scenery, too much time spent mucking about I think.

I know I look silly, but so much fun.

Florence: another Italian city on our to do list.


Barcelona: We went with some friends last year, and it was a brilliant city, so much to see and do, and eat. Plus a segway tour…


barcelona segway

See I am not the only one that looks silly.

Berlin: on our list


Dubrovnik: every picture I have seen looks so pretty, I definitely want to visit.


Istanbul: Was planned for next year with our visit to the villa, but unsure now after recent events there, such a shame as I have heard it is one of the best cities in the world.


And finally there was good old London.

Now what about the rest of the world…


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