With regards to the local animals when we go abroad we are such tourists; going as far as bringing over cat and dog treats in our suitcases. We can’t resist petting every single cat and dog that we walk past and in the past that has been very many; we get teary eyed over bony cows tied to a tiny leafless tree in the heat, we ooo and aahhh at the colourful dragonflies and even get excited by the ants – they do seem to be either teeeeny tiny or bloody massive tripping you up as they zoom too closely past your flip flop.

This year there didn’t seem to be so many cats and dogs, next doors villa had some kittens we could watch playing around but the spoilsports were too jumpy to let us join in. I tried to take some photos of the beautiful red and purple dragonflies but I really need to learn how to use my camera properly. Here are some cats we found in Gumusluk, the ginger one was a bit feisty with its claws…

cats in gumusluk

On the last day we went walking through a plot of villas that a few years ago were all beautiful and lived in and now they are all vacated, with broken windows and all overgrown, there are cows and calves roaming through them and while we were having a nose this little guy came walking past…

tortoise tortoise


Oh we do love a bit of wildlife.