tv and golden boy

Golden boy and his buddies

When Golden Boy was really small – I am talking about 18 months, I uttered the words ‘I can’t wait for him to be interested in the telly’. I know that is terrible parenting but I would be lying if I said we weren’t a TV family, we enjoy working our way through boxsets and watching films, we spend many an evening staring at the large screen, and the idea of us all cuddling up on the sofa watching a family film together is quite appealing.

My main reason for my naughty utterance though was to be able to plant him in front of the tv so I could go and do the washing up or make a phone call, just have 5 minutes to myself to get things done as he needed constant hands on entertaining.

A year later he sits and plays with his cars and dinosaurs quite happily at times, he has recently made up a game where he gathers up as many toys as he can find, with much huffing and puffing he creates a huge pile of “my stuff!” which no-one is to touch.

But the telly is his favourite toy now. Oh dear. We had the 6 months of Cbeebies, Mr Tumble became part of our family. But these telly watching moments were for 20 minutes here and there. And now he has discovered  Disney films. Which I cannot complain about, who doesn’t love those imaginative and beautiful films, no offence Mr Tumble but I can only tolerate so much of you and your ‘friends’.

Finding Nemo or Monsters Inc are his immediate requests when I get him out of his cot in the morning and he could watch them open-mouthed from beginning to end if he was allowed. So my 2 year old is TV rationed. There is much screaming and shouting and we have to stay strong. I am now back to having to give him my full attention with endless activities to distract him before he remembers that magical box with his colourful friends waiting to entertain him.