Firstly Happy Valentines Day!!!


I hope you have had a suitably romantic day.

I thought I would quickly put this on here before the moment passes.

As I do love an excuse to bake some biscuits with the kids, I thought why not bake some hearts this week. I saw this idea somewhere, but I cannot remember where, it will be on one of my lists…

valentine biscuits

I just made some basic sugar biscuit dough and split it in half, then added some pink food colouring to half one half, then I got them to roll the dough into small balls, then squish them all into a big ball and mash it all together until combined.

valentine biscuits

Then they rolled out the dough, cut out some heart shapes and baked them. The first bunch looked more brown then the marbled pink effect I was going for, but I was a bit more generous with the food colouring the second time and they looked alot better. They all tasted good though.

valentine biscuits