It has been a really difficult week; I spent sunday night, monday night and thursday night on the lounge sofa, taking turns between watching the tv and sobbing that I couldn’t do this anymore, but then it is daytime and of course I could, I may be a bit fuzzy and have trouble finding the correct words to go into some of my sentences but I can deal with it and the simple reasons for it this week are:

  • Biggy and I went to see the play Dead Simple with a couple of friends on Monday night, it was good, I am not a big play fan, I much prefer people to break into a song and perfectly synchronised dance routine, but this did keep me entertained, there were a few twists, some good acting by people we recognised and had to spend the journey home googling to see what they had been in (we were too tight to buy a programme), and it was a lovely treat to be out on a school night.

dead simple

  • After a few weeks break I had a great driving lesson, I was incredibly anxious after such a large gap, I thought I was going to be a danger on the road, but I wasn’t, all went fine, I even remembered how to go backwards, clever me!
  • I took the boys to the summer party at the local toddler group before it closed for the next 6 weeks and after stuffing their faces with grapes and fairy cakes there was dancing, singing and pass the parcel and Golden Boy joined in them all. At previous parties he has not been interested in these activities, and we have left early – i am normally grateful for this – but this time he was up singing and the dancing, he looked oh so funny, he does this odd can-can movement with one leg, he loved it.
  • Golden Boy has also discovered his curly hair and stands in front of the mirror pulling it straight and watching it ping back and saying “curly”. He has also got into the habit of saying “thank you much” or “no thank you much”, it is rather cute.



  • First born is away on a cruise this week, I am missing him and his brief appearances and listening to his music through the ceiling, but it gave me a great excuse to scrub his room. Now that was a chore, but looks so good now.
  • Golden Boy has got into playing doctors, he makes us lie on the floor and he listens to our tum and prods us and then says all better. There was one particular game of doctors he was playing in the garden with Smalls, it involved him surrounding her with toys and talking in a scarily gruff voice, she was very confused and it was hilarious.

playing doctors

  • Watching Biggy harvesting his raspberries. The man is so very pleased with his crop.


  • A visit from a lovely friend on her way home from work, i fear it was a bit too chaotic for her here and she will never come back but it was great to see her this one last time 🙂
  • Golden Boys Auntie sent him a pressie in the post and his reaction to his Nemo pyjamas was wonderful, he was practically ecstatic.

new pjs

How could I not be happy.