Another week has whizzed by and what the bloody hell have I done with it!!!

  • Spending time with my boy, and his friends…

snack time

  • I spent hours one of the mornings creating a Chocolate Orange Mousse Cake and it was all looking good, my sponges were looking nice and healthy for a change – no wafer thin biscuit shapes – I mixed up this lovely orange flavoured mousse; once it was assembled I went to put it in the fridge to set, and then I dropped it on the floor. Splat. Bugger, what a waste of time.
  • There was a incident with some of my mindees playing piggy in the middle with a large cuddly toy in the kitchen that ended with a casualty – our lovely large picture collage – not a highlight of the week, now I am back to a big bare wall, ugh it took months to get that up in the first place!!
  • We have had a couple of visits to play group this week, trying to train Golden Boy in the art of sharing – it isn’t going well. But he does enjoy himself when he isn’t screaming at other children.
microphone creation from block - he was very loud

microphone creation from blocks – he was very loud

  • I had a 2 hour driving lesson and drove to Worthing and back, nobody was hurt so all good.
  • We have spent many many many hours in the park with numerous children making the most of the nice weather – and keeping them out of the house for as long as possible after the broken picture incident.


  • Thursday night we went to see Dara O’Brien at The Kings Theatre in Southsea – we love that theatre, it is beautiful and old and not very far away, perfect.

the kings theatre ceiling

  • We do enjoy going to see a comedian, Biggy more than me, I would always choose music first, but it is a nice night out, my only issues with Comedians – and Magicians – is the ‘picking on the audience’ actually any kind of audience participation just makes me feel sick, I really don’t mind being made fun of, believe me I am used to that, but I don’t want to be part of something where many people are being entertained by watching someone include me in the act, just let me hide amongst the masses and enjoy the show. We have been in the front row before and I couldn’t enjoy any of it as I spent the whole time on the verge of a panic attack. This time, watching Dara O’Brien we had perfect seats, well away from the front with a great view, he was very funny, he is extremely quick and clever, and I understood most of what he said – he did pick on the front row, by pick on I mean included almost everyone in it in some of his jokes, they weren’t actually ridiculed but they were made to participate and if you are a good sport and not petrified of the attention then good on you, and they were good, but ugh makes me feel sick thinking about it.

Dara O'Briain