So how many hours do you spend staring at a screen? I spend alot of time swiping my way through new wardrobes, stalking a ridiculous amount of people on instagram and reading every blog post ever written. It is my distraction and entertainment when I have some quiet time (in between the box sets and my piles and piles of books) and I love it. My favourites things I have seen this week whilst staring at a screen have been:


  • I want to add this to my kitchen cupboards.
  • Something for the meat-eating members of my family.
  • How do people come up with these ideas, so clever!
  • I hate my short hair, but these may make me feel happier.
  • I love yellow, a great way to brighten up your house.
  • We are always looking for new sugar cookie baking ideas in this house, and we will def be giving this one a go.
  • Look at these colours, this would look amazing in our lounge.
  • This made me smile.