I have changed this a little as ‘What distracted me this week’ didn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

what kept me awake bl

So this is a little list about what has entertained and kept me awake this week:

  • First of all, as a huuuuge fan of Greys Anatomy – I attempt to rewatch from the beginning all the series just before a new one starts, now that is dedication – I really enjoy the spin-off Private Practice, it has taken me several goes at watching the box sets when they come up on Sky and I was so close to the end of Season 5 this week when it got removed again, grrrr, and Addison has just got her baby, at last!
  • I would love to add this to my jewelery box, it has a perfect tropical vibe.
  • And aren’t these pretty ideas for storing your jewellery.
  • I am really suffering from bloated tum at the mo so this article was kind of useful, I am just a bit rubbish at the whole meditation thing, I don’t take it seriously enough, but needs must.
  • This might help but I am soooo lazy, less than a month before holiday, I should really do something about the jelly-belly.
  • Speaking of holidays; yep i think I need this please.
  • Who knew snails were so photogenic.
  • I would buy everything off this wish list.