I feel like I am running on empty this week, it’s that last countdown until holiday – 12 days – and everything feels like a struggle, sleepy sleepy me, I must be a joy to be around. But these have kept me awake in the eves:

what kept me awake

  • First of all I think this would come in very handy on the imminent holiday, so lovely and floaty.
  • This is a great review, wish I was seeing her, oh I am – smug face.
  • I have 3 sociable nights in a row, and nothing is keeping me away from Sunday night, and I will have a lovely time for the next 2, however sometimes I do feel like this.
  • Lying on a beach, reading a book, bliss, I would give a couple of these a try.
  • This just made me smile and nod my head.
  • I might have mentioned I like a cocktail or two, I just need someone to make one of these for me.