Been alot of late night browsing recently. Is it because I have stuff on my mind, just annoying insomnia, an uncomfortable stomach ulcer, warmer nights, an annoying 4 year old that is having trouble sleeping, a snoring partner??? who knows, but here is what has kept me amused:

  • These are such beautiful food photos and I bet they taste pretty good too.
  • As we are at last having some lovely warm sunny weather their are ice pops and lollies in the freezer and it always seems a good idea to make my own, (but I only ever make strawberry milkshake ones, not very healthy…) here are some great inspiration.
  • I read this book review and added it to my long long ‘books to read’ list.
  • I want this!
  • This made me think of Biggy and smile, as some fashion really perplexes him.
  • Reading this sold the sleeping mask to me.
  • I love colours, I love a rainbow, this would be a great addition to our food table at our summer bbq.
  • I would love fresh flowers in every room in the house all the time, but so expensive, these are a nice idea to add some foliage to the house.
  • A gingham maxi dress, what is not to love.