We spent some of this morning looking at the school that our much too young Golden Boy will be starting in less than a year. And I can honestly say that I am not ready, who cares if he might be, what about me! It wasn’t long ago he was crawling around, it wasn’t long ago he had no hair, it wasn’t long ago he couldn’t speak, it really wasn’t long ago he would only eat the same old mush…

Then I look at him and see this skinny, long-legged, chatterbox, who has a great imagination and really good descriptive vocabulary and is learning to write and counts everything, is really sociable and wants to play with other children, has learnt that if he pulls funny faces and falls down he can make them laugh, ugh I cannot believe it is almost that time. I have to make the most of the next 9 months with my baby.

Although watching him run around like a crazy person this morning, whilst all these children were sitting there behaving like angels – how on earth are they going to control him! – I tried my stern voice, my serious glare, he just seemed to speed up with his laps around the room until he tripped over the Principal’s foot – when I apologized he laughed and said they are all like that, I bet he was actually thinking, ‘god I don’t want this one with the crazy hair’ – they really are very clever people to make a room full of children behave. I am sure Golden Boy will be no different…

Getting all nostalgic; here is First Born on his first day at secondary school.


And here is Small’s first day at infants school.


Blink and they have grown up so fast, slow down Golden Boy.