Last week was half term, unfortunately no work for me – only for the lack of cash, but honestly really lovely to be just me and the boy. 

One day we had a little ‘adventure’ at Pagham Harbour looking for bugs – Golden Boy seemed to enjoy this, all though he does everything at warp speed; we looked under logs and rocks, lapped the field twice and then completed all crafts before everyone else – thank goodness it was only cost few pounds.

4th june 5

4th june 4 bl

4th june 6 bl

Another day we had popped to a local park and were lucky enough to find these huge inflatable shapes being leapt on by loads of kids – Golden Boy was much smaller than most and I was a bit anxious about him joining in, but he showed no fear.

june 4th 7 bl

I tried a little baking with some After-Eight Brownies, they need some tweaking though – not very moist, but the mint flavour worked okay.

4th june 8 bl

We embraced the appearance of the sunny weather at the weekend and went to a Pepper Farm open day

4th june 1 bl

june 4th 2 bl

And then we went for a lovely walk with some friends, saw some baby ducks, 11 actually, poor mummy duck was seriously stressed.

4th june 3 bl