Another busy week whizzes by and we are all of a sudden in March. It has been a bit of a blur of the mundane; work, cooking, cleaning, mixed with the important bit with family and friends.

Golden Boy is no longer at nursery on a Friday so in between my work hours we will now be having mummy and adventure time. And this Friday, after a bit of a wobble as we awoke to it peeing it down, we decided to stick to my original plan (as evening before weather forecast no rain!) we went to Arundel Wetlands to search for ‘Dusty Ducks’.

Say hello to Dusty. And some friends.

wk 27th feb 1 bl

Although a bit damp we walked around the wetlands looking at ordinary ducks and finding some interesting giant ones.

wk 27th feb 3 bl

It was really lovely, Golden Boy really enjoyed it.

wk 27th feb 2 bl

He was suitably worn out by the end and complained that his legs hurt.

wk 27th feb 4 bl

And my ears really hurt by the end – the boy doesn’t pause for breath!

wk 27th feb 5 bl

It seems you can’t visit the home of waterfowl without at some point being chased by some angry geese. That was a fun moment that Golden Boy handled very well – but was on goose-watch for the rest of the walk.

wk 27th feb 6 bl

His favourite dusty duck was surprisingly the pirate one. First adventure day of 2017 was a success!

wk 27th feb 7 bl

I had another weekend in London this weekend, it was my dancing buddy’s 35th and she and 8 friends (myself included) went for a very sociable (meaning alot of drinking) trip. We started it by sipping raspberry vodka on the train on the way up at 9am and then had a delicious brunch with a couple of glasses of bucksfizz. Then we went for a walk round the Tate – we thought we had better break the drinking up with some culture, I have to admit I failed as I ended up leaving a rather tedious tour after 5 mins and went and grabbed myself a juice (non-alcoholic). That afternoon and into the early evening we spent sitting outside a pretty bar (with heaters) drinking cocktails, lots of cocktails.

wk 27th feb 8 bl

Then everyone but us last 4, had a quick change and went to a club – with large balloons bouncing around – and we danced until 3am and had a brilliant night.

wk 27th feb 22

Sunday I may have felt a little fragile and my feet were sore but after a roast dinner, and home to the family. It was a really good weekend and I hope dancing buddy had a great birthday – although she was way past fragile when I left her 🙂