Time to add a bit to my cruise diary before I forget:

After we left Barbados we had a day at sea, we woke up with a little hangover but a day relaxing in the sun and eating, drinking and napping whenever you like is the most efficient cure. After that exhausting day it was time to arrive at our next island; so the next morning when I stepped out onto the balcony we were just sailing into the port of Curacao; which at first was quite industrial, but then you see a large bridge and lots of colourful buildings.

After breakfast we jumped into a taxi and went to a beach called Mambo Beach, which was beautiful and sunny with the highly anticipated palm trees.

Then 15 minutes later lots of big black clouds decided to join us and it started to pee down, after half an hour of huddling under a bar-awning we decided it was not just a shower so it was time to go back to the ship and, anyway it must have been time to eat something…

That afternoon the sun was shining so we decided to go for a walk into town.

On the way in we spotted a few rather big iguanas sitting on top of some hedges sunning themselves – it was so cool, why do we not have lizards living in our foliage!?

Now Curacao wasn’t our favourite island, mostly because of the morning being rained out, and to be honest, when we walked into town, there wasn’t much to see, however I did like the pretty buildings.

I actually think we should paint all our buildings bright colours.

The buses were pretty cool too.

They also had some pretty interesting statues.

I especially liked the humongous Father Christmas – in January, in the sunshine, it was all rather strange.

That night back at the ship, we booked ourselves at the Michelin-starred indian restaurant ‘Sindhu’ and had an amazing meal.

After our many coursed meal I managed to squeeze in my favourite cocktail.

We then popped up to the top deck for a ‘Tropical Party’, but we didn’t stay for long, just wasn’t for us.

Anyway we had to go to bed as another island to see the next day.

Goodbye Curacao.