Easter, that religious time. Or in our house, a time for a couple of our favourite things: school holidays and chocolates.

We got a little crafty.

I baked a little.

We took Golden Boy and a little mindee to West Dean Gardens for an Easter Egg hunt.

It was very beautiful.

What have you found Golden Boy?

Keep looking!

What about down here?

Can you spot a bunny? And a Biggy?

It was a chilly trip, but pretty.

Smalls and First Born weren’t around for their eggs but Golden Boy got to enjoy an Easter Egg hunt at home.

He was excited to find the bunny.

He got quite the stash.

Time to enjoy them.

After staying in and mooching (and sulking) round a freezing house that is covered in brick dust we dragged ourselves out to the park.

And of course it is that time of year where we get to cuddle baby animals.

Golden Boy was very gentle.

And I got to cuddle a baby lamb, so warm and fluffy!

But we missed out on seeing any lambs being born this year, but there were plenty of the tiny, clumsy animals about, annoying their poor mums.